5 Easy Ways To Improve Kitchen Ventilation


Kitchen ventilation is something ignored in many homes. However, kitchen ventilation is very essential for the health of your family and the comfort of your home. Excess moisture from cooking contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. The grease, steam, and smoke released while cooking contain harmful pollutants. When you don’t have proper ventilation, the pollutants and mold tend to accumulate and affect the air quality of your home. This can affect your health and cause respiratory issues and other allergic effects. 

Following some easy ways like regular cleaning of the hood, using a window fan, installing a ventilation hood, cooking with lids on pans, and opening windows will improve your kitchen ventilation. 

Importance of High-class Ventilation In A Commercial Kitchen

A variety of dishes are cooked in a commercial kitchen. This will release a lot of odors that can be overwhelming. A high-class kitchen ventilation system eliminates unwanted odors. Moreover, it protects the health of the kitchen staff as it removes pollutants, smoke, fumes, and airborne grease particles. Properly designed ventilation reduces the risk of spread of fire. It makes the environment more hygienic which will attract more customers. 

5 Easy Ways To Improve Kitchen Ventilation

1. Clean your Hood Regularly

Grease and debris tend to get settled on the filters and vents of your range hood resulting in reduced effectiveness and increased risk of fires. The accumulated grease is one of the main risk factors for fire in kitchens. Regular kitchen hood cleaning and kitchen duct cleaning ensures that your ventilation system functions effectively and your kitchen remains safe.

2. Use a Window Fan

Placing a window fan in your kitchen near the cooking area will remove the odors, smoke, and cooking fumes quickly and draw out stale air. This keeps your kitchen fresh and pleasant. Moreover, it helps the circulation of cool air reducing the temperature of the room. On hot summer days, this is a cost-efficient solution for better air circulation and a decrease in indoor temperature.

3. Cook with lids on Pots and Pans

Following simple but effective cooking strategies can be of great help in reducing emissions of odor, heat, steam, and grease. Using lids on pans ensures that the steam and heat get trapped within the cooking vessel. Moreover, this simple technique also reduces the workload of your ventilation system, increasing its lifespan and improving its efficiency.

4. Install a Ventilation Fan or Range Hood

Install an upgraded high-performing range hood to expel cooking odors and heat. Kitchen hood installation should be perfect for the best results. Make sure the hood is of the right size for your kitchen space and it is placed at the right height. A too small one will not be effective and a too large one will consume more energy.

5. Open windows and Doors

Natural ventilation is always effective to keep your kitchen clean, odor-free, and pollutant-free. Opening windows not only gets rid of the stale air in the kitchen but also allows fresh air from outside to enter inside


Installing good ventilation has multiple benefits. It keeps your family healthy and saves your energy bills. Make sure you install the right one at the right place. Get the services of Kitchen Pro, the best kitchen ventilation service in Dubai to make your kitchen a haven. Contact us now. 

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