List Of Different Types of Kitchen Hoods


Kitchen hoods are indispensable as they ensure a healthy and comfortable cooking environment. They capture air-borne pollutants, grease, dust, and cooking odors to improve indoor air quality and prevent potential health issues. Kitchen hoods also prevent the formation of sticky residues on surfaces and kitchen equipment. This ensures the longer life of the expensive equipment. There are many types of kitchen hoods with unique features, pros and cons. This blog explores the types of kitchen hoods to help you make the right decision on which one will suit your kitchen based on its layout and ventilation. Invest in the right one to make your cooking experience better. 

What Are Kitchen Hoods?

Kitchen hoods, also known as range hoods and vent hoods, are ventilation systems installed above cooking surfaces.  They may be ductless or with ducts. The ductless hood pulls in smoke, grease, and odors through a fan. Hoods with outside ventilation draw in everything through ducts. They are available in different types and sizes but all types of kitchen ranges are designed to improve air quality. 

Importance Of Kitchen Hoods In Restaurants And Hotels

Large quantities and high volumes of cooking are common in commercial kitchens of restaurants and hotels. Range hoods help to remove pollutants, toxins, smoke, dust, and grease and prevent them from spreading throughout the restaurant. They make the place comfortable and healthy for the kitchen staff.  Moreover, they minimize the risk of fire. It not only enhances the hygienic standards but also the reputation of the restaurant. 

Types Of Kitchen Hoods

There are many types of range hoods with varied features. Find which one will suit your style of cooking and preferences and kitchen layout. 

Wall-mount range hood

Wall-mount range hood

As the name suggests, a wall-mount range hood is mounted against the kitchen wall above the cooktop. It does not need a cabinet for mounting. It is the right option for commercial and residential kitchens where a lot of frying, deep frying, and sauteing are done.

Under Cabinet range hoods

Under Cabinet range hoods

They are installed beneath the kitchen cabinet. The main benefit of an under cabinet kitchen hood is its space-saving feature. They are light in weight and small in size but are effective in providing strong venting. Under Cabinet range hoods are the best option for small kitchens.

Downdraft hoods

Downdraft hoods

They are unique because they are designed to pull fumes and contaminants downwards away from the cooking surface. It is a good option when overhead hood installation is not possible. They are hidden from view and have an unobtrusive appearance but are not as powerful as the traditional types.

Island range hoods

Island range hoods

Island range hoods are suspended from the ceiling directly over the cooking area. They have a stylish look and are effective in capturing smoke and other pollutants as they are located just over the cooktop.



They are a combination of a microwave and kitchen hood in one single unit. It is easier to install micro hoods and are convenient to use because they serve the dual purpose of microwave and ventilation.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Kitchen Hood For Specific Needs

The factors that decide the best kitchen hoods for your kitchen include kitchen layout, size of the space, energy, costs, and noise of the kitchen hoods. The size of the kitchen decides the power of the fan and your kitchen layout will decide the style. You also should consider your specific cooking habits. A wrong choice will affect the effectiveness, comfort, and overall well-being. 


Diverse types of kitchen hoods offer a wide variety of choices to meet the unique needs of all kitchens. Make the right choice for healthier and more delightful cooking. Make sure you hire the best kitchen ventilation installation services like Kitchenpro for exhaust hood installation and kitchen hood repair.


1. Which type of kitchen hood is best?

The best depends upon the requirements of your kitchen and your family’s cooking. Find which is the best for you after analyzing all factors.

2. What are type 1 and type 2 hoods?

Type 1 hoods are designed to remove grease, heat, moisture, and smoke. Type 2 hoods are designed to remove moisture and heat alone.

3. Where should the oven hood be placed?

Indoor range hoods should be installed 24-30 inches away from the cooktop and outdoor range hoods should be installed 36-42 inches above the cooktop. 

4. How much does it cost to install a cooking hood?

The cost varies depending on various factors like type, brand, size, and many more. If you buy it from the best kitchen ventilation services, you can save money. 

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